Final Fantasy XIV Spinach Quiche

Final Fantasy XIV Spinach QuicheYou guys… YOU GUYS!!!! Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is releasing in TWO DAYS for those of us that preordered it! Oh… my… gosh. The amount of excitement that I have over this is incredible. I’ve only been in this game for a little over a month now and I have never become so invested in a game as quickly as I did with FFXIV. Not only are the story and gameplay elements of the game incredible, the community is, by far, the best MMO community I have ever been in. Everyone is so welcoming, helpful, and friendly. I have also started watching tons of amazing Final Fantasy XIV streamers (and by the way, you should totally check them out).

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Final Fantasy XIV Parsnip Salad

ParsnipSaladWhenever people ask me what video game I am playing nowadays, the answer is Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG by Square Enix. Square Enix is best known for its work for the Final Fantasy series, but has also developed many other games as well.

FFXIV: ARR is not a game that I initially thought that I would play. I haven’t really been as into MMORPGs as much as I used to be when I used to play World of Warcraft, however, after watching LegendofLorie stream it often on her Twitch channel, I decided to give it a shot. I was immediately hooked about five minutes into playing the game. There is SO MUCH to do in this game. Not only is the main, overarching story of the game absolutely incredible, there are 10 jobs, 10 classes, eight crafting classes, and three gathering classes. Your character can be every single one of them whenever you wish, no need for an alt. Then there are the bazillion FATEs (world events), Levequests, side-quests, non-story dungeons, and raids… suffice it to say you could play this game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and still not run out of content to play (though I wouldn’t recommend doing that).

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Don’t Starve Meatballs


Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. It’s been a super busy one for me as I work on the renovation and posts for Eat a Byte, but I’m getting there! I’m really happy with the changes that I made to it. I love the cleaner look of the new theme that I am using. I’ve also been busy leveling my Final Fantasy XIV character in preparation for the expansion that is going to be released soon. I actually have a couple of FFXIV recipes in the works right now and they should hopefully be posted soon.

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Naan Pizza Three Ways

Naan Pizza 3 WaysToday we have another non-video game recipe, however, this particular recipe is relevant to my friend Val, aka 8bitmom’s Twitch channel as the subject of Naan pizza comes up every now and then. I figured I’d post something for those of you that are curious about how to make it.

Naan pizza is one of my favorite ways to eat pizza. It’s quick, it’s easy, and oh my gosh it is delicious. The best part is, you can make naan pizzas however you want. You can do any kind of flavor combination that you would do on a regular pizza. Just choose your toppings and you’re good to go!

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Skyrim Potato Soup


The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim has been a game in my Steam Library for years now, however I only just recently started to play it in earnest. Back when I had more time to stream on my Twitch channel. This game is incredibly in-depth. There is so much to do that you can spends thousands upon thousands of hours playing the game and discovering everything. You could completely deviate off the main quest line and still have tons of content to play through. If you choose to download mods for the game then you can have even more content to play through. It is seriously incredible how much there is to do in this game.

On top of the thousands of hours worth of content, Skyrim also has a nice list of food items that you can find in game, many of which could be easily converted into real life recipes. That is what I decided to do today with Skyrim Potato Soup. The soup that I created from the game is rich and creamy and flavored with leeks (a common ingredient found in Skyrim). My kids aren’t very big soup eaters, but even they devoured this soup and asked for seconds.

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Guild Wars 2 Super Veggie Pizza


Hello everyone! Today’s recipe is yet another recipe from Guild Wars 2. This time I am making the Super Veggie Pizza from the game. Veggie pizzas are basically my favorite kind of pizza in real life, so I jumped at the chance to recreate this recipe that is loaded with veggies both in game and in real life. You can use either store bought pre-made pizza crust, or follow Alton Brown’s instructions on to make your own (I HIGHLY recommend this recipe as I use it whenever I make pizza, but you do need to have a stand mixer, such as Kitchenaid, to make it properly). Yeah, I could have attempted to come up with my own pizza dough recipe, but I’ll be honest, there is no way that I could top Alton Brown’s. NO WAY.

The Super Veggie Pizza can be made in game with a level 400 Chef and requires a Fancy Veggie Pizza, an eggplant, and an artichoke to make. I made sure to include all of the veggies that the in-game version of the pizza uses to make my own. The only thing that I did someone differently is to mixed the spinach into the sauce rather than put it on the top with the rest of the veggies. The results were quite delicious!

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Transistor’s Harvest Garden Flatbread

Transistor Harvest Garden Flatbread
Transistor’s Harvest Garden Flatbread from Junction Jan’s made in real life!

Transistor by Supergiant Games recently went on sale on Steam which prompted me to buy this little indie game that I had heard so many good things about recently.

The game itself is nothing short of incredible. The music is amazingly beautiful (I could listen to it all day!), the graphics are colorful and bright, the story is phenomenal, and best of all (for the purposes of Eat a Byte anyway) there is food! That food comes in the form of various flatbreads (including the Harvest Garden Flatbread that I am featuring today) from Junction Jan’s.

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Guild Wars 2 Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup

Guild Wars 2 Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup

It’s been a typical cold and snowy winter where I live and nothing is better than a bowl of soup when the weather is chilling you to your core. I came across the Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup recipe in Guild Wars 2 when leveling up the Chef craft on my Necromancer. I thought that it sounded unique and delicious so I decided to make up a recipe for it.

The in-game version of this soup can be made by characters that have the Chef crafting profession and a skill of 400. I tried to stick to the in-game recipe when considering ingredients for the real life version. The in-game version of recipe calls for apples, a bowl of butternut squash soup (which includes a stick of butter, cream soup base, cayenne pepper, and butternut squash), pile of pumpkin pie spice, and ghost peppers. The real-life version has similar ingredients and is nice and warming on cold winter days.

The addition of cayenne pepper to the soup adds an extra kick of warmth to the dish as well. The apple adds a hint of sweetness as well which adds a nice depth to the dish. Even my picky husband enjoyed this tasty soup.

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Sims 4 Taco Casserole

Sims 4 Taco Casserole

Today’s recipe is for Sims 4 Taco Casserole, which is found in the Sims 4 at level 3 cooking skill (and costs 43 simoleons to make). This particular in-game recipe is a staple in my Sims 4 Legacy Challenge family as it feeds a lot of people and seems to fill them up quite nicely.

I thought the in-game item looked pretty tasty, so I decided to take a shot at making a real-life version! The best part about this particular recipe is that it is very customizable. You can add in lots of different optional add-ins depending on your own personal preferences.

If you so desire, this Taco Casserole can also be made vegetarian by substituting refried beans or black beans (no need to cook them beforehand) with the cooked rice instead of the meat. You could even use dairy free cheese and sour cream such as Daiya if you want to make this vegan.

I tried to get the real-life recipe to look as close to the in-game version as possible and i think I did a pretty good job with that. This recipe was well received by my family. I’m going to attempt to make a vegetarian version of it next time to see how it compares.

For more information on The Sims 4, check out the game’s official website.

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