Don’t Starve Meatballs


Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. It’s been a super busy one for me as I work on the renovation and posts for Eat a Byte, but I’m getting there! I’m really happy with the changes that I made to it. I love the cleaner look of the new theme that I am using. I’ve also been busy leveling my Final Fantasy XIV character in preparation for the expansion that is going to be released soon. I actually have a couple of FFXIV recipes in the works right now and they should hopefully be posted soon.

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Don’t Starve Roasted Berries

Don't Starve Roasted Berries
Don’t Starve’s Roasted Berries made in real life. These will taste fantastic on yogurt or oatmeal, or just by itself! Super sweet and delicious!

Thanks to my best friend Val aka 8bitmom I have been playing and streaming a ton of Don’t Starve and the multiplayer version of the game, Don’t Starve Together with both her and The Pixel Pirate. Which means that I have had plenty of opportunities to check out all of the recipes that the game includes for cooking.

Don’t Starve is a super fun survival, crafting, and exploration game by indie developer, Klei. Your character basically starts in the middle of no where with absolutely nothing and must survive the dangers of the wilds and build a camp and make it as long as possible without dying. Thus far I’ve only made it to 24 days solo and about the same in Don’t Starve Together, but I’m working on it! I just need to be able to survive winter, darnit! That’s my downfall. I am just never prepared enough for the frigid temperatures and murderous walruses that come with that season.

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